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Stump Grinding in Horsham
Large- and Small-Scale Stump Grinding in Crawley and All Surrounding Areas

Stump grinding is an effective process because we remove unwanted tree stumps without having to dig them out. Grinding down stumps keeps gardens looking tidy and helps maintain and improve the health of landscapes. At E.M.A Tree Services, our experienced team of tree surgeons is accomplished at completing comprehensive grinding to remove all types of stubborn stumps in Horsham, Crawley and the surrounding areas in Surrey.

For customers’ peace of mind, we can also complete full stump removals using the winch system. We can even complete stump grinding after emergency tree work to ensure sites are fully cleared and safe.


Why Stump Grinding is Necessary

If left after a tree removal, stumps and roots begin to rot and over time can become home to fungi and pests. A rotting stump is the perfect environment for insects, which can encroach on your garden. They are resourceful and can find their way into other healthy trees on properties and into homes. If a tree was removed due to disease, then leaving the unhealthy stump means the disease could spread to other healthy trees in clients' gardens, so it is best to remove the stump.

Tree stumps can make gardens and landscapes more difficult to maintain. They can prevent lawnmowers from covering the entirety of gardens and make it difficult to plant new trees. Stumps also impact the aesthetic appeal of gardens and can make them look unfinished and untidy.


Stump Grinding Service

Our team of tree surgeons covers all types of domestic customers, commercial and industrial clients, as well as grounds and estate managers in Horsham, Crawley and all of the surrounding areas. We also offer our stump work to:

  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Property Developers

  • Building and Construction Companies

  • Groundworkers

  • Landscapers

E.M.A Tree Services can tackle large- and small-scale stump removals, including those that are one meter and over. With our many years of experience and quality equipment, we can effectively manage the grinding of stumps in restricted areas. 

From the removal of stump or outwards growing roots to the removal and ethical disposal of waste, we provide a full service. We can also woodchip back over the area to make the clients’ landscapes safe, attractive, neat and tidy.

The knowledgeable team of tree surgeons at E.M.A Tree Services are happy to answer any questions prospective customers have about our thorough stump grinding service. Our company takes a customer-focused approach to all jobs, which is why we undertake all required work to fix any issues and create safe, healthy, vibrant and visually stunning gardens. We discuss all stump work to be undertaken with clients to ensure our team provides a smooth, efficient and effective service for customers in Horsham, Crawley and all of the surrounding areas.
For experienced tree surgeons completing quality stump grinding in Horsham, Crawley and all surrounding areas, please call E.M.A Tree Services on 07999 013570 today.

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