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Hedge Cutting in Horsham
Quality Trimming and Reshaping Hedge Cutting Services in and Around Crawley

At E.M.A Tree Services, our experienced team of tree surgeons carries out regular, routine hedge cutting and trimming as well as one-off tidying and hedge shaping to help clients stay on top of the regrowth. We also offer hedge reductions and re-shaping for plants that have become overgrown. Our experts can also alter the shape of hedges to create clients’ desired aesthetic for their landscape in Horsham, Crawley or any of the surrounding areas.

We can remove hedges completely and also offer a stump grinding service to prevent any unwanted future regrowth, as well as emergency tree work.

The team at E.M.A Tree Services recommends that prospective clients view the testimonials from previous customers about the quality of hedge trimming, hedge shaping we provide.


Plant Health

Cutting hedges prevents any dead or dying branches from harming nearby plants and people. Cutting back hedges can also allow their flowers or fruits to blossom. We can complete maintenance hedge trimming to slow down unwanted growth of hedges and undertake hedge pruning to stimulate growth to promote health and regeneration.

We factor in the time of year and the impact trimming may have on the health and productivity of the hedge. Our experts are mindful of any nesting wildlife that may be present and always adhere to the Wildlife and Countryside Act.


One of the main advantages of hedge cutting is that it improves the safety of landscapes. When inclement weather occurs, branches can break, causing a range of damage. Our experts can provide regular hedge pruning and cutting to minimise the risks of plants producing flying debris that can be dangerous to people and the rest of the garden.

When storms and bad weather cause fallen trees that block roads, our tree surgeons provide emergency tree work 24 hours a day, including on evenings and weekends.

Types of Hedges

At E.M.A Tree Services, we can work on a wide range of hedges that customers and clients have on their properties in Horsham, Crawley and all surrounding areas. Some of the types of hedges that we can work on include:

  • Upright Privet

  • Hawthorn

  • Forsythia

  • Hazel

  • Conifers

  • Evergreens

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will always do our best to provide clients with the service they require whilst focusing on plant and wildlife health and safety. 

Our team of tree surgeons uses ladders and extending long reach trimmers to carefully reach and work on all types, shapes and sizes of hedges. We also provide a quality replanting service, during which we offer clients the choice of an alternative type of hedge that best suits their aesthetic requirements.

Our experts are happy to advise customers on hedge cutting and other work to be undertaken to best promote the health of the specific species in their garden. We can answer any questions clients have about the quality work we complete in Horsham, Crawley and all of the surrounding areas.
For experienced tree surgeons completing quality hedge cutting in Horsham, Crawley and all surrounding areas, please call E.M.A Tree Services on 07999 013570 today.

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