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Emergency Tree Work in Crawley
Fallen Tree and Dangerous Tree Removals in Horsham and All Surrounding Areas

Whether a tree has been damaged because of a storm, fully or partially felled as a result of high winds or has suddenly shown dangerous warning signs such as disease or decay, the qualified experts at E.M.A Tree Services are ready to help. We provide emergency tree work 24 hours, even on weekends. Our team covers emergency situations in Horsham, Crawley and all of the surrounding areas. Our tree surgeons also carry out tree surgery services, such as stump grinding, in non-urgent circumstances for your convenience.

Trees are susceptible to spontaneously falling over and typically cause a range of damage when they do. They can cause property damage, disrupt driveways and block regular and emergency access points.


Emergency 24-hour Tree Services

Emergency situations can be frustrating and require a lot of effort and skills to resolve, which most people will not have the knowledge and equipment to do. Our tree surgeons have over 20 years of experience providing our specialist 24-hour tree services and always do our best to fix the problem and return everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

The emergency tree work we complete includes managing falling or fallen trees blocking roads and pathways. We also manage trees that have fallen because of a storm or high winds, partially felled trees threatening the safety of a property and people and trees growing dangerously close to overhead power cables. Our team are also accomplished at dealing with diseased and old trees that could shed branches, causing property damage and harming people in and around Horsham and Crawley.


Emergency Tree Work Process

The complete emergency service we provide for fallen trees and dangerous storm-damaged trees includes a site visit and a full assessment of the work to be undertaken. Once the assessment has been completed, we have an established system to resolve situations carefully and safely. The steps of our process are:
  • Securing the location with warning signs

  • Logging and reporting the incident for insurance purposes

  • Customising approaches to carefully remove fallen and dangerous trees

  • Clearing and ethically removing all waste on site

  • Making the area safe and accessible once work is completed

For emergencies where small and large stumps are still present, we complete stump grinding to stop disease spreading and achieve a smooth and safe surface.

The reliable team of tree surgeons at E.M.A Tree Services provides a quick response when carrying out any required emergency tree work. We provide a full service and are available to advise clients on each stage of our quality emergency service. Our experts can answer any questions customers have and discuss the best way to resolve their emergency situation swiftly and safely. We manage fallen trees, storm-damaged trees, diseased trees and partially and fully felled trees in Horsham, Crawley and all of the surrounding areas.
For experienced tree surgeons providing emergency tree work in Horsham, Crawley and all surrounding areas, please call E.M.A Tree Services on 07999 013570 today.

07999 013570