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Stump Grinding in Crawley
Experienced Tree Surgeons Enhancing the Health of Gardens in and Around Crawley

Tree stumps can impact the health of gardens in multiple ways and can decrease the aesthetic appeal of landscapes. The tree surgeons at E.M.A Tree Services have over 20 years of combined experience completing stump grinding and stump removals to increase the health of gardens in Crawley and the surrounding Surrey areas. To ensure an attractive, safe and healthy garden, we provide a range of tree surgery services, including:

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Hedge Pruning

  • Emergency Tree Work (24-hour tree services)

  • Tree Felling

Read our customer testimonials to learn more about our tree surgery services. Whether it’s tree felling, hedge pruning, stump removal or 24-hour tree services, you can expect an excellent standard of workmanship.


The Issue With Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be an annoyance to otherwise well-maintained and cared-for landscapes. It may seem easy to leave them alone however, they rot over time, which attracts pests and insects. These can spread to and infect other healthy trees and plants in gardens and find their way into homes.

If stumps are not removed, they can begin to encourage new stems and roots, which cause unwanted tree growth. Dead stumps often develop fungal rot that can easily spread throughout gardens and infect healthy plants.

Stump Solutions

There are two main solutions for dealing with unwanted and unattractive tree stumps. At E.M.A Tree Services, our experts can help establish which method will be best to deal with each unique tree stump issue. Our tree surgeons can also advise on the other ways to promote garden health with our hedge cutting, tree felling, care and maintenance tree surgery services. We also offer 24/7 emergency tree work for invasive and dangerous situations in Crawley and the surrounding areas.

The methods by which we manage unruly or unhealthy tree stumps are stump grinding and stump removal.

Stump Grinding

Our time-served team wears down dead tree stumps with specialist tools we are fully qualified to use. Grinding is an extremely efficient process and causes minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and vegetation. The chipping produced from stump grinding can also help build up mulch for other trees and plants. Grinding does not fully remove the roots, which can cause rot but will often deteriorate over time.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is more extensive than grinding because the roots are also removed. Our team uses the winch system to carefully remove stumps and roots. We dig around the stump to expose the structural roots, cut them and clean away as much soil as we can. This method is repeated to remove as much of the roots and soil under the stump as possible. Our team then connects the winch to lever the stump and any remaining roots out.

At E.M.A Tree Services, our tree surgeons can help determine which method is best. We can also complete stump grinding after emergency tree work in Crawley and the other areas we cover. We pride ourselves on the quality service we provide for all of the tree surgery services, including hedge cutting, we undertake.
For experienced tree surgeons completing stump grinding Crawley and all surrounding areas, please call E.M.A Tree Services on 07999 013570 today.

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